Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Repotting Wisteria in spring

As you may know, if you follow my blog, I've been busy repotting plants in preparation for the year ahead. 

One of these, is a very neglected looking Wisteria, which provides amazing mid spring colour. So the opportunity arose to repot it today. 

It's a simple process really. Remove it from its old pot and place it into a bucked to soak (the rootball was dry-ish).

Next step is to get a suitable size pot, in this case I had a nice glazed container, and use some old cookery at the base for drainage. 

I teased way some of the old compost, removed any weeds & their roots ...

... and repot it using my soil mix, 
which is primarily good sieved (apparently sterile) topsoil, some well rotted manure and about 20% bought compost & grit. 

Next step is to firm the plant in place and provide water. 

In this case I included a touch of early spring colour in the guise of some Muscari I had. 

Et viola ...

Looking forward to it coming into flower.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Another great spring day

It's been another great weather day today. 

Sunshine, little wind and the perfect conditions for getting out and doing some gardening.

Although I don't have many, the Tulips I have are growing away nicely. The cold nights don't seem to bother them much and over recent days, flower buds have appeared. 

Every spring when they're in flower, I plan to get more bulbs in the Autumn, and then don't get around to it. Maybe this year. In the meantime, the ones I have will be well fed from now until they die back, in order to ensure a good crop of flowers for next year.

Although I'm not a huge daffodil fan, it is nice to have a spot or two of them in colour. These particular bulbs were given as a present three years ago and have thrived since. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the little Prunus incisa I've been growing as a bonsai. Well it's in flower now, and attracting passing bumble bees.

The young Fuchsia plants had their first outing for a short spell. It will be another two months at least before they can comfortably move outside for more than an hour or two. 

Other plants were also getting some attention, as I was using some of the lovely compost mix I made to repot them for the coming year.

This is a ten or twelve year old Cordyline indivisa, a very dwarf form of your normal version, which flowered for the first time last Autumn. I see there are seeds developing on it ... 

And here is the Romneya coulteri I purchased 18 months ago. It was in poor health at the time so I was delighted to see it come back into flower last summer. I'm including plenty of grit in the compost mix for this one.

Finally, there was last years Fuchsia plants to repot, and plenty of them, however, I'll discuss this in a separate post. 

Happy spring gardening 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Foggy misty mornings

This picture sums up recent mornings. While the days have had lovely bright spring sunshine, the nights have been frosty with temperatures hovering about zero degrees Celsius, and in between, we've had these mystical mornings with this misty foggy effect.