Thursday, 18 December 2014

Reflections, Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

At this time of year in the garden, much of the foliage "clothing" is stripped away and the bones of the garden are laid bare. Essentially what we see is the layout of the garden, pathways, walls, fences, paving, the hard landscaping with its sharp unsoftened edges, with only evergreens remaining, some adding value, others not so. Over the coming month or so, it is an ideal time to take stock and plan for changes for the early Spring, seeking inspiration from where ever you might find it. 

Spring 2014
I've always maintained my garden, and gardens I've worked on, are a series of 'living pictures', that are created to provide the viewer with interest, beauty, and a place to go. Sometimes there are the added benefits e.g. produce, an additional outside room, a hideaway/ getaway, etc. 

Summer 2014

In understanding this, as I contemplate the year that has been, I evaluate successes and things that haven't worked out. 

This in turn will allow me to plan for the coming year, what I'd like to achieve, are there new themes I'd like to introduce, and others to leave behind. 

Included in this is my use of the blog over the past year, how this has fitted in and are changes to make (or not) here too. A lot to reflect on, and this is my time of year to do it. 

Although things are very quiet in the garden, life is busy. 

Christmas, family and work. 

Yes, plenty to do. 

Late Summer/ Autumn 2014

In some ways, my garden reflections are a mirror for other parts of my life. I'm looking back over the past year and seeing what has been successful, what has not worked out, and this will in turn assist with decisions for next year. 

As I look back to this time last year, from a family point of view, we've moved from a very challenging period, and in the second half of 2014 experienced some time to pause. 

It has to be said, there are some great people out there, and I'm very grateful for the support received. 

Late Autumn 2014

With Christmas only a week away, there'll be plenty of shopping, cooking and cleaning yet to do. 

With this in mind, I do hope the upcoming Christmas and Yuletide period will provide at least sometime of peace, what ever that may mean for you. 

Merry Christmas everybody

Nollaig shona daoibh go lair

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Late Autumn light, banter of friends & the occasional tipple

There is something very atmospheric about candle light on these late Autumn nights.

The centre piece on the table contain a variety of homegrown gourds from the garden blended with some Autumn debris collected on walks, such as chestnut shells, beech nut shells, etc.

This use of light, combined with the heat of our warm stove creates a space conducive to gentle conversations over the year that has been 2014, the upcoming excitement of Christmas and the general good humoured banter of friends. 

Of course there are cups of tea a plenty, treats to be tasted and the occasional tipple too!

Why not call by at some stage.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Warm November Day

What a day. 

With plenty of bright warm sunshine, it really was one to get out and about and enjoy. These pictures are from a local park we enjoy, and you can see the late Autumn colour still makes quite an impact.


On the home front, there are still some nice spots of colour to catch the eye. Gone are the floriferous colours of Summer, however, look closely and there are still some treasures to enjoy.

While we've had touches of the cold dark Winter weather to come, each day we get, like today, is a bonus extension of Summer and shortening of Winter. Let's hope we'll see many more of them.

Happy gardening