Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday (almost) - Prunus tenella 'Fire Hill'

Beautiful shrubby Prunus. This pot grown plant has been flowering every Spring since it's purchase about 14years ago in a local nursery & garden centre originally founded by Fred Nutty. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fruit and vegetable patch update - April 2014

Gardening time is really here now. These longer brighter evenings are wonderful to get a good run at a task or two and I find myself flying through a back log of work that's needed to be done. It helps, of course, that plants are responding in kind to the time of year and the (mostly) nice weather we are having.

In the fruit & vegetable patch, I've spent some hours weeding and em, weeding. Yes, some areas have been a touch neglected and our native flora have decided to take up residence! In order to reverse this trend, the choice of tool was a trowel and plenty of grafting. The results have been quite good actually. 

The bed of strawberries are looking well, and I'll top dress the soil with compost over the coming days.

Broccoli plants are still producing plenty of side shoots, although the foliage is looking a little tatty on some of them and I've pulled up a couple of plants that were very small. I think I'll give them a nice feed of fertilizer to perk them up.

The onions I mentioned recently are great, growing away doing their own thing. A couple if weeds have appeared, but these are easily removed at this stage.

Of course there is more to do, this gooseberry bush has almost been over run, so I'll rectify this over the coming days, and the large raspberry bed needs a good going over too.

There is also the loganberry plant, blackberry patch and the grape vine to consider, but that's for another post.

Finally, the rhubarb plants have come into their own this year. After moving the ones in the garden last year, and acquiring a couple more, we now have five plants that are thriving. 

I've cut my first sticks of rhubarb yesterday evening, that are now a delicious tart (or pie - depending in who you talk to).

And here is the finished product ...

Yummers ... Lol

I hope you get some time outdoors to enjoy yourself over this weekend.

Happy gardening

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The 'Jane Fonda' (grass) workout

So, after our last cut of the grass last Autumn, our mower sat down. Yes the beast gave its final gasps and clearly stated it needed to rest. Poor thing.

I, in my wisdom, decided to substitute with our push mower, which is a great substitute for a Jane Fonda workout, and ideal for small areas - not our acre.

It worked well on our small side garden, but now has decided to protest and has shed it's left wheel of its tire ... very inconvenient. And the larger area is on the verge of silage. Not good.

Thankfully, a new mower has now been supplied, and order is being restored to the kingdom. 

Of course it will take a few cuts, but that's okay, there are a few teenagers (un)willing to help - if the price is right ... Lol.