Busy sowing and growing

It's ten in the morning and I'm lying here listening to the birds singing and the sound of natue, busy at it's doings. There is a lightcovering of cloud outside, which will burn off to let us get the full benefit of sun. Over the past month I've been busy sowing and growing, putting my garden back together. I've now got a bed of strawberries and another of red onion. I'll sow some broadbeans today as the ones I sowed in the Autumn didn't take. Rhubarb is planted in an old tire, with plenty of manure, courtesy of a bag that Simon gave me. I have to dress the raspberries with some manure and sulphate of potash. I also want to sow salad leaves for piking over the next months. This month is such a crucial month, it's so important not to let it drift by. I think there is probably a new task to do very day. Mind you, it the very first thing is to get up!

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