June Bank Holiday 2011

Ah, isn't this a fine time of year, the garden is really looking well, plants are growing strongly and we're now entering the Summer flush of colour. We've spent tha past few days enjoying our outdoor space, particularly when the weather's been good. The barbecue was lit on Saturday, although we had to enjoy the food indoors due to the north easterly wind blowing.
A good evening all the same. 
In the run up to the weekend, I revamped our garden shed, plenty of painting wood stain, stripping the old roof cover off and re-covering with some new felt (things have been a bit leaky recently!!). Once this was complete, I added some window boxes to the front and side of it, and a plant or two too. Not too much blazing of colour though, a nice mixture of foliage and with a sprinkling of white flowers. I also incorporated my piece of weathered wood, recovered recently from a nearby beach (thanks for the help Paraic), a real treat!
My pear trees have set their fruit very well, particularly Pyrus communis 'Beurre hardy', and it's pollinator Pyrus communis 'Williams' to a lesser extent. Both of these I'm keeping to about 10ft in height, and (mostly) trained in a espalier style, which involves some structural pruning in early spring and some 'encouraging-fruit-bud-pruning' in late Summer. And the final result? Some deliciously juicy tasty and satisfying pears in the first couple of weeks in October, fantastic.
It's also worth mentioning some plants looking well at the moment, these include the grass Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola', the miniature climbing rose 'Warm Welcome', the shrub rose 'Buff Beauty', my pot growing Clematis 'Pilu', and finally of course, my white Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea).