Busy busy, harvesting and more

I can not believe it is more than a month since my last post! How time flies. I have been busy in the garden doing the usual tidying, dead heading, etc. as well as tending my crops, harvesting, jam-making, eating, and, helping out a friend put in a patio and gravel area (more of this again).
Most important, is that as I am gathering the fruits of this years labour, I have already begun to plan and sow for next year. To this end, I have collected seed, sown some brocoli plants and taken cuttings.
Currently I am enjoying fresh broad beans, raspberries, cucumbers, courgettes and tomatoes from the garden. I am looking forward to pears, onions and a later crop of broad beans still to come. I have made a nice lot of jam, some pasta sauce and I am due to make some chutney, all of which will be enjoyed well into the Autumn and early winter.
Today though, it is all about getting the grass cut and tidied, and getting those edges trimmed.

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