Say hello, wave goodbye

I have not been writing recently as I find my time has been consumed with the details of moving residence.

Yes, that is right, after bringing my green space to the pinnacle of production and aesthetic beauty, it is time to relocate.

Fortunately, the new location not only comes with a larger space and canvas to work from, it also has a wonderful country feel and backdrop. The site has a large half acre grass area that is crying out for some horticultural indulgence!

So, the question is what's next? Well, just as I am saying hello to this new oasis, I am also saying goodbye to my little garden of fifteen years. Just as Winter is a time to ponder and plan for most gardeners, this is a time for me to consider the evolutions of my garden, each of which reflected a time or theme in my life relevant to what was happening at the time e.g. growing shrubs when working in the garden centre; neat green areas when employed as a grounds maintenance supervisor; swings, slides and 'swing ball' for the little people; integrating a trampoline to capture laughter of bouncing folks of all ages; and more recently, a redevelopment of the garden that has been inspired by a number of great books (thanks Karen) and a relatively free hand to indulge my ideas.

All in all, I am enjoying a spot of (mostly) armchair gardening, breathing in the potential of the new site and planning everything from Niagara Falls to Wisley Gardens to a native patch of oak trees, and of course, realising the potential to be even more self sufficient !

Whatever this mild (so far) November brings you, enjoy your garden.