Time to sow!

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff
Isn't this great. Spring is upon us. Out with the old. In with the new.

As we move into the new growing season, I think to myself, what picture do I want to create in the garden this year?

Worth pondering about?

But not for too long.

Too much to do! Seeds to sow,  plants to lift and divide, borders to manure.

I have already sown my white sweetpea seed, which have popped their heads up and I look forward to an early a show of scented flowers as possible. Of course I have a few plants from an Autumn sowing, for an extra early show.

Looking at bulbs and tubers for Summer colour too; really want some Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff again, lost my stock to winter weather last year. I think every garden should have them. Smashing show of colour for little work.

Just sowed some broad beans. Can't wait to taste them - delicious.

New strawberry plants to replant, lifted from some parent plants in the old garden; love some Autumn Bliss Raspberries as well, I left my stock behind when I moved house; they are excellent for adding fresh to breakfast cereal and for making jam too.
Speaking of berries, have to get some blueberry bushes - I was quite envious of my sister and cousin as they posted about their harvests last year. I am rResearching some varieties, choosing soon.

So much to do. Isn't it great!
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