Today, new digging fork; tomorrow, garden domination !!

Purchased a digging fork over the weekend. Read an article recently on types of digging forks to buy, advantages & disadvantages, etc.  With my new gardening adventure, it was a timely reminder to investigate and purchase one. Many shops visited, forks tried for size, rattled to assess sturdiness and twirled in the hand (think of cowboy assessing his gun!). In the end, I settled for a basic four pronged stainless steel affair with a sturdy but light handle.

I hope this last longer than my previous garden fork.

A few years ago I acquired an expensive (and very flash) implement that did not last too long. One of the tines (or prongs) bent, from a little over enthusiastic digging on my part, so I bent it back into place, only for it to snap off at a later stage of usage!

My dad is great.

He took said fork and tine, welded them back together again (using expensive silver based welding rods to do the job) only for the handle of the fork to break after a short while.

I gave up. Lesson learned.

I used the remnants as a garden ornament for a time, showing how hard a grafter I am, or conversely, to show how not to treat a garden fork!!

Let's see how long this one lasts.