It's either me or the plants!

This is the ultimatum that was given to me by she who rules a few years ago. It was at a time when we were in a house with a small garden and I had the place crammed with all kinds of everything - to get through it, one needed to be nimble of feet or equipped with a slash hook ! (Must find the google earth picture of it)

Anyway, yesterday a similar comment was thrown this direction - 'with all the space we have, why is everything [as in the plants] crowded in one place - just at the back door'! 

I have to say it's a fair observation.

I did an inventory of potted plants and I have over 200 ready to be planted! This ranges from small to large but does not include the dozens of seedlings and recently divided herbaceous in the greenhouse!!

What can I say?  I love plants. 

I can't really explain why; there is something compelling about collecting, growing, sowing and dividing. And then being able to use this treasure trove to create living pictures of ever changing colour, texture and interest.  I will of course take on board all comments and complements, and already some plants have been moved into more permanent homes around the garden, with some others donated to visitors.

Well, with all this in mind, I'm off to the garden centre.

Have a great day.


  1. It's a gardeners lot. Even with 5 polytunnels I still have all south facing windowsills in the house crammed with tender chillies, tomatillo and peppers. It all looks a little bare inside when the frosts are past and all that remains are the crumbs of soil on the windowsills.


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