A quick visit to the garden centre

I was so happy yesterday after a quick visit to a local garden centre.

Let me explain.

Since moving house last Autumn, I left behind one of my favourite roses, a David Austin variety called 'Gertrude Jekyll' (I wrote about it last year). As we were planning to move, I did take cuttings in late summer, which unfortunately did not take. So I have been on the lookout for it since, and guess what, yesterday I found one.

Just one.

It was in among a host of other David Austin roses. Lots of different variety's promising all sorts of colours and fragrances. What makes it even better, was that it was purchased with a gift voucher I received.

Happy days!

The plant does need some tlc; it looks like it has been knocking around for a wee while in its pot and needs to be planted out in some good soil with plenty of after care.

It's funny, because I have been so intent on getting this variety, that I have ignored all the others.

Once I have this planted, maybe I should go back for another look ...

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