What a Weather Week !

What a week we have had !

We have experienced wind, rain, hail, chills, damp, wetness and anything else inbetween.

I had initially started to write this post about watering containers, but now find myself walking around the garden looking at soaked containers, that may not need to be watered for some time yet!

I'm not sure exactly how much rain we have had over the past week, but I do know it has been enough for the next few days.

I have withdrawn some plants I have been hardening off back into the greenhouse, and I can start the process off again when the weather picks up.

In the meantime, my more tender plants that are indoors will have to remain on window sills until more space can be procured.

I love Jan's comment on my last post, where she says there is never enough space. I suppose at this time of year she's right, this is a gardener's lot.

Well, here's hoping next week will bring back some of the lovely sunshine and hear we saw in March !

Happy Gardening