Budweiser, the king of 'slug' beers!

Regular readers of my blog will know that we recently moved house.

The garden is a good size and I'm having some fun beginning to develop it, put in some new beds and growing more plants.

Now you may already know I have a particular focus on ensuring there is minimal as possible damage by our slug and snail friends, in as natural a way as possible. A previous post ( here ) will reveal what I get up to, in my determination to tame the population of these wild grazing beasts.

Friends will know I also like to sample the brews of the world. That's right, we're talking beer. Not that I drink a large quantity (although she who knows better sometimes disagrees with this!), but I do like to dabble.

So, I cross pollinated the two, i.e. slug control and beer sampling, leading to an informal (and, dare I say, on-going) test of what beer or brew attracts these slimy fiends to a drunken demise.

I procured a number of beverages, tried over a number of weeks and locations around the garden (which has, at times, been tricky given the rainfall we've had). The samples included European brands, English ales and American beer (Budweiser).

Without a shadow of doubt, Budweiser was the outright winner. Yup, that’s right this ‘king of beers’ attracted the most molluscs to an untimely, but happy and drunken, death. That’s not to say others weren’t in some way successful, but there is no point in beating around the bush (or shrubs), Budweiser must have pulled them in from fields around us!

Well, of course I was delighted with the harvest, so much so, I brought this fine feast to show to others. Talk about dramatic reactions! I was summarily dismissed from sight and told not to darken the doorstep with such disgusting items.

Anyway, what ever about others reactions, I was delighted! you should try this for yourself. Not only will you enjoy tasting the brews as you put them out, you’ll also be interested to see the results you get!

Happy Gardening! 


  1. Just loved this post,I will certainly try the Bud but only for slugs .I like nice beers

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It is a work in progress ;o)

  2. Not my favourite beer so to find a good use for it is great, keep up the scientific research, i found cider worked well in my slug pubs, maybee another test?

    1. Ha ha, slug pub! I love it!! Research will continue, and will include some cider too; might even build a miniature bar for them ...


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