First lettuce leaves, hooray!

This is a note for me to record that the first lettuce leaves I picked this year for eating was today, 21st May 2012. They were thinning's from some plants I haven't planted out yet.  I think this is a good bit behind last year, with dual factors at play.

Firstly the weather, which has just been so cool, well below average temperatures for the time of year; and of course we've had so much rain too. Funny enough, the weather today is gorgeous with further bright warm weather promised. 

The second reason is because we've moved house and I am running behind. It has taken a bit of time to get organised and find my gardening feet; with so much else to do it can be difficult to get a slot of time to get even the simplest of things done. 

More recently I have been using small segments of time to complete simple individual tasks and I'm tending to leave the bigger projects for later. This way I am getting to sow seed, weed beds, move things about a bit, etc.

All in all, I hope today was just a taster of some of the better things to come.