May Day Musings

With all this rain, over the past week or so, non-essential gardening has mostly come to a standstill. I have taken this as an opportunity to do a bit of armchair gardening, and a little pondering too.

It's generally something we gardeners don't really get to do at this time of year. I also have been enjoying reading other folks blogs and articles.

Great for stimulating the imagination!

 What have I come up with?

 I really have to put together my top ten 'must aquire' plants. Yes, yes, I know what a lot of you will say - you have enough to get on with!

But this list will be different. These will be shrubs, trees or flowers that I had in my last garden, or have encountered over recent years that I promised myself when I moved.

For example, there is a crab apple called Malus 'Green Jewel', which I used to enjoy every year, trained as a beautiful weeping specimen. Marvelous.
Another example is the Acer pseudoplantanus 'Brilliantisimum'. Amazing young salmon pink foliage. I now have two of these left behind in two different previous gardens. A story for another day.

There are plenty more, that have excelled themselves and well worth getting again.

Another musing is that I really like Fuchsia. All the different varieties and variations. I used to have a fair collection, over twenty different types, but they are a family you have to actively tend, or time and weather will send most of them to their demise.

And of course, get the whole cottage garden vibe into some of the existing (and new) borders in this house; and all of this aside from some nice topiary. I've some great ideas on this too.

All in all, while the rain is a nuisance (and of course we'll have water shortages before you know it), I have enjoyed pondering and musing on what's next.

 Have you any recommendations on 'must have' plants?

Let me know In the meantime, happy armchair gardening.