A good year for the roses ...

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog.
Since I was last here, the plants have been in 'one step forward, two steps back' mode, thanks to the cycle of terrible weather - couple of days sunshine - terrible weather we have been having. Not only does the poor weather demotivated me, it also demotivates some of the warm weather loving plants we try to cultivate, and allows the natives (i.e. weeds) to shine through!

The old George Jones song 'A good year for the roses' is playing on repeat in my mind. Is this because the roses are flowering so spectacularly in the garden? No. It is because the cuttings I took of the varieties 'Buff Beauty' and 'Cornellius' have taken and are growing well. Now these plants have sentimental value, so delighted to see them progressing. Also, my Rosa 'Warm Welcome' came in to flower too, despite being completely ignored and neglected, and Rosa 'Evelyn' has some good sturdy shoots growing.

What else is growing well? The grass! Yes, it is mow mow mow. Talking to someone from church recently, and she says her husband is cutting his grass three days per week!! A touch excessive for me, but each to their own. Ours is cut once per week on Saturday, and this keeps it well enough.

I know it's not good to wish your life away, but I can't wait for the Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' to flower. If my records are correct, this happens at the end of June/ early July, so a couple of weeks to go.

On the slug front, I have encountered wave after wave attacking. They just love this wetter weather we are having and I have found them to be getting bigger and juicier - on my plants! I will keep picking and removing, although there does seem to be no end to it!

To finish on a positive note, I have a four different varieties of tomatoes planted and all are doing well and beginning to produce some flower buds. Can't wait to pick them and have them with the lovely fresh basil growing in the green house. Yum!