Garden colour and success in early July 2012

Of course on of the reasons I have this blog is to remind me of the progress of the plants and garden.

It has been a hard week weather wise, and time-wise for me too (and it is too easy for me to start giving out again about not getting into the garden, weather, slug damage, etc.!). 
So instead, I have compiled a number of pictures that I took over the past week to reflect the success' I have had and to celebrate that after six months toil, rewards are beginning to come through.

Note to self for next year: please take a picture of the blue berries before you eat them!

Small pink Diascia

Fuchsia 'Genii' (recent acquisition)

Fuchsia 'Harry Grey'

Fuchsia (- have to check variety!)
Fuchsia 'Southgate'

Clematis 'Pilu'


Lettuce 'Little Gem'

Half standard Ligustrum 'Lemon and Lime'


Trailing geranium in old old stone pot
Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff''

Strawberries - delicious

Sweet pea flowering away
Tomatoes coming on nicely
This is just a selection of what is happening in the garden, and even as I sit here looking over the pictures, I am thinking 'Oh, should have got a picture of this or that to add in'. Ah well, plenty of time for that over the coming weeks I hope!

Hope you have success in your garden too.


  1. The fuchsia's look lovely. I especially like the Southgate and I am jealous of your sweet pea's. Mine are still not flowering! Looks like you have everything under control despite the weather and slug problems we all seen to be having.

    1. Thanks, although I have a few problems too (see my next post!), but it is important to celebrate the success and when things go well.

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