Garden colour and success in early July 2012

Of course on of the reasons I have this blog is to remind me of the progress of the plants and garden.

It has been a hard week weather wise, and time-wise for me too (and it is too easy for me to start giving out again about not getting into the garden, weather, slug damage, etc.!). 
So instead, I have compiled a number of pictures that I took over the past week to reflect the success' I have had and to celebrate that after six months toil, rewards are beginning to come through.

Note to self for next year: please take a picture of the blue berries before you eat them!

Small pink Diascia

Fuchsia 'Genii' (recent acquisition)

Fuchsia 'Harry Grey'

Fuchsia (- have to check variety!)
Fuchsia 'Southgate'

Clematis 'Pilu'


Lettuce 'Little Gem'

Half standard Ligustrum 'Lemon and Lime'


Trailing geranium in old old stone pot
Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff''

Strawberries - delicious

Sweet pea flowering away
Tomatoes coming on nicely
This is just a selection of what is happening in the garden, and even as I sit here looking over the pictures, I am thinking 'Oh, should have got a picture of this or that to add in'. Ah well, plenty of time for that over the coming weeks I hope!

Hope you have success in your garden too.