My muddy thoughts!

My initial thoughts on this blog were to write about what I'm beginning to harvest from the garden in early July. After all, we've been sowing and growing, hunting (slugs) and protecting, and pruning and shaping (not to mention digging and weeding or potting and planting) for six months now. 

And what do my thoughts come back to?

Yes - weather and the state of the garden and plants.

It's not that I would like it perfect, far from it - I was inspired into gardening many years ago now by people like Geoff Hamilton squelching around on gardeners world in his wellies laughing about it being a bit damp! But the reality is that out of the 86,400 seconds in a day, I only have about 1,800 that I can give, and if, as Monty Don mentioned recently in one of his tweets, walking through the garden is like wading through seaweed, we are in a spot if bother!

I think I will have some serious garden planning to consider in the Autumn, to ensure parts of the garden can be easily accessed without sinking up to your knees in mud (okay, a slight exaggeration!)

Now that I've vented a little, my pallet is a little clearer so I'll write my next blog on recent success'

Hope you all get at least a few seconds to enjoy your garden this weekend!