And into the arms of Autumn

It's always lovely at this time of year when we begin to feel the essence of Autumn. I love the way the leaves are beginning to turn colour, Summer flowers still produce colour, but are moving into seed mode, and the air has a 'smell' of Autumn to it. If I was to describe my ideal Autumn garden, I would ask you to refer to the 'Lord of the Rings' movie, where they show 'Rivendell', in the 'autumn' of it's years - great !

So with this in mind, I tend not to dead head quite so much. I like the plants to acquire the 'post flowering' effect, with browning flower stalks and leaves of green turning yellow.

This combines well with the larger trees in the garden as their leaves begin to turn, albeit slowly at the moment.

Of course, I have tried to ensure that much of my gardening time has been spent on the structure of the garden, rather than the manicuring of plants. Do keep an eye out for blogs and video clips advising about sowing seed for later crops, taking cuttings of tender plants and bedding your garden in for the coming Winter - all very valuable for tips, hints and advice.

To finish, although we have had little Summer sunshine, I am willing to forgo any expectation of it at this stage and jump right into the Autumn with open arms.

Happy Gardening!