Garden planning for Autumn 2012

I have been thinking about my garden planning for the Autumn and Winter of 2012. As always, there are too many tasks that I could be working on.
During the late Spring and Summer months, there is plenty of daylight time to get out and about in the garden, where as, at this time of year we are looking at less light as the evenings are getting shorter. Realistically, once we get into September, if I have 2-3 hours in the garden per week, that's doing well.

With this in mind, it is important to use my limited gardening time constructively, so I intend to concentrate on layout and structure in the garden.
After spending nearly a complete year here, the two biggest surprises were how bad the soil is and how much wind we get. This knowledge, in turn, helps inform on decisions I am making on next year regarding the layout. The first decision is to divide the garden into four distinct areas, each of which will be planned in their own right, and fitting in to an over all design. This decision helps to me to prioritise where I want to put in my efforts, time and resources.
For example, I want to concentrate immediately outside the main entrance we use to the house, which has the gravel area, greenhouse, decking and small lawn. This area has become the focus of my energy and time, and already good progress is being made. The (almost new) glasshouse on the other hand, needs its own planning, time and budget, which I will get to, maybe in January or February.
For my fruit and vegetable area, I will carefully consider what to do. the existing soil is mostly poor, withtwitter drainage. I am inlined towards raised beds, but will think more about it.

Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts as we head towards the final third of this year. What will you get up to over the coming months?

Happy gardening