'And plants for free'

You know how the Dire Straits song goes 'money for nothing and chicks for free'; this has been playing on the back of my mind recently as I walk around the garden and our local neighbourhood.
Yes, my eye is drawn to what's going on in the world of plants around us and for the keen eye, you can spot where seeds of flowers from earlier in the season have now fallen and germinated, or side shoots have produced their own roots, providing us with plants and sources of a colour palette for next years garden.
I recently acquired some Alchemilla and some golden Oregano, both of which were germinated seedlings close to the mother plant. I carefully extracted them using a small pocked knife to cut a small, but wide, cone shaped circle of soil. These little seedlings were then put into their own small pots of compost and given a foot watering.
I also acquired some side shoots of a small leaved Persicaria, each of which, had one or two roots of their own. I popped these into a glass of water on a window sill for two weeks and then into their own small pots of compost.
I will leave these plants to grow on in these pots for the next three or four months, and they will be ready to pot on in the early Spring or plant straight into beds.
So do keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire some seedlings or small (almost) ready made plants. Needless to say, if it's not in your garden, don't touch unless you ask permission!

Happy gardening!