The end of August garden

Isn't it funny how time flies when your having fun.

As I write this, I can't believe we are at the end of August, two thirds of the way through the year, and with only a month (or two at most) before we bed down and hibernate for the Winter.
At the weekend, I was out in the garden doing a bit of tidying and cleaning in, and around, the greenhouse.
There was plenty of plants, pots, trays, etc. to contend with. It's amazing how seedlings were grown and not used, or plants we have great ideas for didn't come to much. Cosmos for instance - germination rate of the plants was poor, and then, of the ones that did germinate, the plants took along time to come to anything.
And then there are other plants that surpassed expectations and really delivered, despite the weather. Bidens is a good example. This little tender perennial has flowered and flowered all Summer, regardless of what has gone on around it, providing us with masses of yellow flowers to brighten the border. Sweet pea too, although going to seed now, they have produced an enormous amount of flower since I planted the earliest plants in April.
These are the ebbs and flows of gardening - something's work well and others don't - part of the fun really.

So, what is next? I know others will be sowing seed and considering Autumn crops, so look out for those informative blogs and websites. As for me, I continue to enjoy the fruits of my labour from this year and now turn to some serious garden planning for next year. More about this again. For now, enjoy some of these pictures from the weekend.

Happy gardening.