'You're a bit gardening mad, aren't you!'

This was the statement offered to me the other day as I munched happily on fresh carrot and tomato.

You see, I conducted an experiment whereby in May I had sown some carrot seed, to grow some carrots - something I've had little success with in recent years. So when I came across a blog that recommended you sow them into a 2 litre soda bottle, this aroused my curiosity.

The method is simple, use a 2lt plastic bottle, with the top removed, put some holes in the bottom of it and fill with some nice compost. Sow 3-4 carrot seeds and place into a coldframe or cool greenhouse. Water it. Wait 3-4 months, occasionally watering; et viola, carrots ready for munching.

Well this is what I did.

It was particularly successful, even though the weather was terrible for carrot growing this year (they need a minimum regular soil temperature of 10*c). I went and removed a carrot from the container during the week, washed it and subsequently ate it (the carrot!) adding a few sun warmed fresh tomatoes into the mix too.


On offering a bite of my fresh tasty carrot, the above is what was said to me.
She's probably right.

Happy Gardening!