'My Garden An Intimate Magazine for Garden Lovers'

One of the things I like to do occasionally is to dip into old gardening books, magazines and journals, just to see what were the topics of discussion and plants in fashion. I always find it useful to look at magazines that are from the same month we are in.

For this month, I have decided to look up a publication is called 'My Garden'. It was first published in 1934 and continued until 1951, with the editor called Theo A. Stephens. They are considered 'copy table magazines' although they look like books. There are articles on plants, garden practices, editors thoughts, poetry and some gardening related short stories too. The small advertisements in the back are interesting - I wonder what the vendors would think of our modern technology to sell their wares?

I have a number of copies that span the late 1940's and a couple from 1951. They were given to me by a family friend many years ago who had acquired them in a local book store, apparently in the process of being thrown out!

I consider myself very fortunate to have come across them. They contain nuggets of gardening (and other) information that reflect the thinking of the time, and can be interesting to see just how did our predecessors tackle gardening projects that we ourselves are facing. Indeed, we may think of ourselves as so much more sophisticated and modern, but how far have we actually journeyed?

At the moment, in the September 1951 edition, I am adding about growing apples in containers, how to pot them up, compost to use, trimming roots and shoots and moving the plants to the optimum position for best returns. Brilliant stuff!

There is an article about European Primula I might read next, and an article on varieties, growing, caring and overwintering geraniums (Pelargonium). I wrote an article about this only a couple of weeks ago.

I guess not much changes for gardeners over the decades.

Happy gardening.

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