Greenhouse - late September 2012

Just a couple of pictures of the greenhouse in late September. There are plenty of young plants that I will overwinter and you can see a couple of Dahlia in pots, that might just flower a little more in here.
The tomatoes have done their bit with only harvesting the remaining ones and cleaning out the foliage to do. This space quickly converts to a shelf area for more plant space.

At this time of year, it is important to ensure things don't get too dry in their pots, and equally not to over water them either.

Having a chair in there ensures a nice warm relaxing spot to read and chill out, when I get time for it.

One final thing, in the propagator, delighted that on of the three Euryop's cuttings, one looks like it will produce roots - yay!

Note to self: Temperature's down to between 1 and 5*c last night.