Rejuvenating a neglected bed

Over the past two weeks, I have really had very little time for gardening.

With the time I did have, I got to revisit a border I dug out about a month ago.

At that time, the bed was full of weeds with 'all kinds of every type' of root traveling underground. It took sometime to clean the bed out, working my way through it, removing as much traces of weeds as possible.

With a bed this bad, it is then worth leaving it for at least 6 weeks to allow any pieces of roots remaining to re-sprout, and remove them promptly.
This time, I decided I would freshen up the superlap fencing. I would have preferred a stain of darker green (a-la Geoff Hamilton's 1990's 'Cottage Garden'), but the colour I had to hand has a sort of yellowish hue. I used a spray gun to apply it and am quite pleased with the slightly uneven effect, which will weather down very nicely. I did two sections with a little of the reddish cedar colour I have left over from my previous garden, a bit of a blast from the past.

My next step is to transplant the rhubarb out of the bed, put a shape on it, get some richness into the soil and then plant it up. All of this will happen when the rhubarb dies back. I have sourced some manure, which I can collect using a trailer.

The bed is north-west facing, where the sun will shine on it for a portion of the later afternoon.

Plants wise, I am going to go for some plants that will provide a nice foliage effect. I have plenty in pots, which will appreciate being planted! There is also the thought of including a low water feature. Hmm, we will see how things go.

Happy gardening!