Wednesday's post - Nerine bowdenii

I took this picture yesterday evening in heavy rain as I arrived home from work. The Nerines really stood out, as they do on such a dull Autumn evening.

Lovely vivid pink umbels of flowers 12-18 inches above the soil, which will last for the next month, maybe longer.

Originating from South Africa, this particular clump came from my parents garden in the Spring and was planted in a sunny position as part of the flower border.

Of course you can buy them as bulbs in the early Spring, if your not lucky enough to know someone who has them already. Do be patient, newly planted bulbs can take a year or two to flower. They enjoy a slightly raised bed or border with well drained soil.

I transplanted this clump and replanted at exactly the same height the were already at, i.e. one-third of bulbs are exposed above the soil. They will be mulched with straw or bark during the midest of Winter, with strap-like green leaves emerging.


Happy gardening.