Isn't Christmas such a lovely mid-Winter occasion.

Isn't Christmas such a lovely mid-Winter occasion. When the days are at their darkest, we are pulled out of our normal routine, resting and enjoying the company of friends.

For Christians it's a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and Christianity as we know it. For children, it's all about the magic of Christmas, Santa and presents. For others, it's the holiday season, a time to catch up with people, enjoy good food and a couple of drinks.

From a gardening point of view I thoroughly enjoy this time of plant dormancy and relative rest.

I tend to read a lot, look up blogs and contemplate on the year behind, and the year ahead.

I also use this time to get into going on some of the other jobs that tend to get neglected.

Today, as it was raining, I cleaned around the greenhouse, cleaning plant debris and repotting a couple of smaller plants that needed it. Curiously, there has been an aphid outbreak in some of the young perennials in pots, so I have moved these outside during the day and will take them in at night - this will slow down the speed of their reproduction and maybe even lessen the problem. I'm happy with the results of the cleanup, although there is more to do.

Next tasks include cleaning over the stand, washing down the inside of the greenhouse and cleaning moss off the outside - all in preparation for the Spring.

Of course there are plenty of other tasks to do to, but we'll have to wait for slightly brighter drier days to get to some of them.

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