Botanic Gardens January visit 2013

I had the opportunity to visit the local Botanic Gardens at the weekend, and as always it was great.

You may already know that I think seeing flowers outdoors at this time of year is a real treat, and add to this the benefit of being able to see structure and layout far more clearly, with less distractions (i.e. less colour), equals a trip around the gardens unlike any other time of year.

Granted, we have to wrap up a little more, but this only makes the tea or coffee afterwards all the more appreciated!

So, I now present to you, a selection of the pictures I took. There are some of flowers - look at the tassels on the Garrya and the red of Schizostylus, some of foliage - a very silver Salvia and a golden Pittosporum, and some of paths and layout - to inspire me as I plan the area around my glasshouse.

There is one of the herbaceous border too, and if you look closely you can see where plants have been removed and are covered by fleece in the background.

I'll tell you, never in the history of Hugh, has one been so tempted - the ease by which I could acquire sooo many plants so quickly, with just the flick of my trusty pen knife (which I always have handy)!

But no, I didn't.

Why? Well, not my place to do this and I know that if I did, my garden would be blighted forever with every plague that could hit it! More seriously, I didn't because I know that these plants are a precious resource for the Botanic Gardens, and if cuttings are to be taken, it should be by the people that own them, and distributed accordingly. Not to mention how irritating I would be if someone did it in my garden!

Oh, keep an eye out for the stunning bark of the Arbutus. Smashing.