'What's your new year's resolution?'

Ah yes, it's January 2nd and the question 'new year's resolutions?'. I've been asked this more than a number of times at this stage, and yes, I do have some, and, as this is a gardening blog, I'll mention my gardening New Year's resolution here.

It's about what I want to achieve over the course of the coming year. Mostly, I spend about 3 hours a week doong gardening tasks, pondering projects or discussing plants to whom will ever listen. 

This will increase as the evenings get longer and the days begin to have their stretch. During the Summer last year, my other half became something of a gardening widow at times (!) as I was motoring about in my own horticultural bubble, bless her patience! 

This year though, I plan to spend my time in the garden, being a little more productive on a couple of projects I want to complete. The first project is erecting my greenhouse that was kindly donated by a good friend; the second project is sorting the layout of a small manageable vegetable plot and of course there is always seeds to sow and grow, beds and borders to prepare and look after ... hmmm the more I write the more this is looking like a to do list rather than a New Year's resolution!!

Anyway, you get the gist, plenty to do and looking forward to doing it. 

What are your 2013 plans?