"I detect a whiff of Spring"

What an appropriate description of gardening and weather we have at the moment! (borrowed from one of my tweeps, @gracetearose).

After such a frosty and cold, and in many regions snow filled, January, the first weeks of February have travelled by in a haze of rain, dampness, mist and more rain; only in the past days showing signs of warmth and sunshine.

I have to say, after my gardening activity in early to mid January, I have been somewhat distracted away, through demands of life, only staying in touch with outdoor life through occasional quick looks around the garden and keeping in touch with others through blogs, twitter, etc.

So it's been a joy to have a small bit of time today to get out to see how things are moving on and Spring is most definitely on the way. Many of the containers I planted with bulbs are looking promising; a lot of the young plants in the greenhouse have overwintered just fine (only one or two casualties); the new glasshouse has with stood recent winds; and grass is looking like it needs it's first cut; and, it is time to fish out the seed trays and containers for a thorough washing.

Also worth noting the aphids are already establishing colonies and need to be tackled sooner rather than later!

I was looking at seed catalogues recently deciding on what's on the menu for this Summer. There is a list of essentials and another list of desirables. The essentials tend to be more veg based and desirables more colour oriented.

Colour scheme wise, I am tending towards the hotter colours - so even if the weather is terrible, we can grow our own sunshine and heat!

So, with Spring almost upon us, I am very happy to be rising out of my Winter gardening hibernation and ready to get going and growing!

Happy Gardening.