Patience patience patience - Easter 2013

What an early Spring we are having; more like an extended Winter that has decided to vent it's final efforts with all the cold and adverse weather conditions it can muster. And now it's Easter.

And we are left.


It's funny, I'm the very one that talks about liking January and the time it provides to contemplate and reflect on the year past and the seasons to come. But my patience has grown thin. Since mid February my fingers have been itching to pull the trigger on the sowing and growing of plants and colour; I have sown a small amount of seed, but nothing close to what I will be doing once the weather warms up, even a little, so seed trays are sitting ready to go.

And in my glasshouse, I have some plants waiting to be planted for some lovely late Spring and Summer colour. But there is little point in putting these guys out. Apart from the soil being cold and wet, the plants themselves would be taken to pieces. No, I'll wait a little longer before hardening them off.

Do spare a thought for people making their livelihood from horticulture. I know from meeting people in the garden centre industry there is frustration with this unseasonal weather as it is just turning potential customers off from visiting, meanwhile all sorts of plants and flowers are in colour, waiting to be given a new home.

There is hope though.

This weather wont last forever, and after a couple of weeks of sunshine we'll have all but forgotten about this March. We can see the days getting longer. This week the clocks will go forward, giving more evening light.

For now though, I will leave you with some of the pictures capturing late March 2013 for me. (I particularly like where some of the plants are carrying on regardless.)

Happy Easter