April trip to the Botanic Gardens 2013

When Spring hits, time goes so fast it's nearly 'blink and it's gone' in the garden with some plants and their flowers. Not so this year, as some people have pointed out, the one advantage of the coldest Spring in 50 years is that some of the early Spring colour is staying a lot longer than it normally might. Of course the downside is that others are sitting waiting to flower and time just keeps rolling on.

So, I thought it might be a good time to visit the Botanic Gardens and see what is going on there.

It was no surprise that the major flush of Spring growth hadn't started; sure a few plants were attempting to produce leaves here and there, but the majority continue to lie next to dormant. I suppose this will change overnight when the temperatures come up a bit, and I can't wait for that to happen!

On my walk around, there was some good colour indoors and it was very nice to see geraniums in flower, a hint or taste of the what is to come for the majority of us in the Summer (gives us a target as we look at our seedlings).

I have to say, the alpine area was impressive to view, clean and tidy and there was some nice spots of colour and foliage texture. Even better with the sound of water flowing, a reminder that I have to get planning on a water feature in the garden at home.

There wasn't much happening along by the herbaceous border, or even in the rose garden, although I did take the opportunity to sit and rest on one of their benches. I noted that the dressing around the roses appeared to be less than what I expected to see. During my time there as a student, we always layered around the rose beds with plenty of well-rotted manure, topped of with a dressing of compost and bark mulch.

Anyway, an enjoyable trip, where, as always, I would have liked to have spent more time, and grateful for the time I did spend there. Have you been to visit a garden recently?

Happy Gardening