Fresh foliage and pockets of colour. April '13 in the garden

As I mentioned in my recent post, there has been little time for me to spend in the garden so I have been snatching moments here and there making sure I'm getting the most essential tasks done, and one or two others.
I don't mind this too much as it is part of life and, like anything else, when the pressure eases, it's great to have that gardening time again.
I suspect over this weekend I'll get a couple of hours and this will mean I can get my teeth into more substantial tasks, particularly with the garden springing to life.
The main tasks I will get to, will be orientated around the recent winds we've had.
For one, the greenhouse will need to be relocated to a more sheltered spot. The glasshouse was fine, but the greenhouse took a bashing with its plastic panels blown out and the plants inside getting a good beating. So, I've discussed this with she who must be consulted, and we have agreed a sheltered position within the smaller garden.
I'll also need to tend to plants and containers that took a thumping. I've had at least two casualties in the container department, and, as you can see by one of the photos I've had to remodel the chiminea into something a little more 'art deco' as it has also been broken.
I was impressed watching Gardener's World and Monty building his structure for his sweet-pea plants. This is a must for me this year, so will have to start planning for that.
On the plants front, fresh foliage is appearing and there are nice pockets of colour that are cheery. I'm delighted to see the Magnolia and Camellia's in flower and the Coronilla continues too, with that smashing sweet, pea-like scent.
In the containers, the daffodils are looking a bit worse for wear after being tossed around by the gales; although the tulips are looking great and coming into their own. Fuchsia are coming along nicely indoors, as are the young tomatoe plants, peppers and geranium seedlings; with the increase in temperatures, it's also time to begin hardening off some of the hardier plants - including my sweet-pea, the herbaceous, and some shrubs and grasses I have under cover.
Then, of course, there is always the slugging hunting to think of ...

Wherever you are this weekend, happy gardening.