So it's not just me then ...

I suppose there is some reassurance with these words. The context I'm referring to is gardening (of course) and more specifically my delayed sowing of seed.

Of course we can extrapolate this further as I have already sown seed, which are growing nicely. I am talking about more seeds! And, not unlike others I am reading, listening and talking too, my indoor space is quite full, and there is simply no more space to put my existing young plants to sow more seed.

Of course this is an exaggeration, there is always more space. I could use kitchen table, on top of the microwave, bathroom floor, etc. but these particular locations are (a) not really the most suitable and (b) likely to have me displaced to the garden shed, to live, as punishment! Lol

So, what's the plan?

Well, on thinking about this, I think just a little more patience could be worth while. As Monty said yesterday on BBC's Gardener's World programme, when the cold spell lifts, Spring growth will happen with a bang, and we for our part, can be as ready for it as possible and take advantage when it happens.

As for the cold, one of my gardening buddies has actually lifted his dahlia tubers back out of their pots, wiped them down and put them back into storage as he was so worried the cold might damage or even kill them. After hearing what he did, I went back into my own glasshouse and had a little poke around to see had anything happened to mine. Thankfully, they are still intact under the soil and one of my begonias has a little bud swelling.

Some of my Fuchsia I've over Wintered have small new leaves too. It's the small things ...

One thing I can do is to finish changing the layout in the garden and get my greenhouse back up and running properly. That's my my aim in the garden for today.

Happy gardening