'You tweet about plants too much!'

'Hhmmm' was my response to this statement of tweeting about plants too much.

Now this is funny, coming from a teenager who is never away from their phone!
So I figured an acknowledgement of hearing them, while at the same time a neutral response showing I am neither pro or against the motion, would be best.

Well, lets face it, it's true.

Not only do I spend time tweeting about plants and writing these blog posts, I also thoroughly enjoy reading about other people's gardening exploits and what they're up to, in their garden patch, on the allotment, in community spaces, etc.

And today was just the perfect day for turning our eyes outdoors, even though many of us were working, there was plenty of time to go home and inspect the progress made and read what was happening for others too.

After months of dormancy, the garden is springing alive. What were no more than twigs with a few buds yesterday, have burst forth with new life and colour.

Other plants that have been waiting patiently to bloom are now showing their wonderful colours, releasing fragrance and attracting our visitors.

With daytime temperatures here of 18.5*c and night time of 7-8*c today, it really is a perfect day for plants to come to life.

The most dazzling of these for me was my Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream', an aptly named plant when you see it at this time of year. The leaves are a beautiful fresh green with an outline of flaming orange, absolutely beautiful, and really a 'must have' for the garden. I have mine growing in a nice size container that allows me to move it around the garden, depending on the look and time of year.

Another dainty flowering plant worth noting is my Prunus tenella 'Fire Hill' with its pink flowers, that will realistically only last two weeks, but brings me joy to see them back again for another year.

The Magnolia stellata has jumped into full flower too, and it really is a sight to see. Now I do have to decide where to plant it and this really does require a little bit of thinking.

Hhmmm ... Lol

So yes, I do think, talk and tweet about plants this time of year, but who wouldn't!

Happy gardening