Winds howling and the great outdoors

It's been a busy week for me both at work and home, which has left me little time for getting into the garden to do any decent amounts of work.

Yes, it's been fleeting glances as I walk in and out the door, you know the type of week I'm talking about.
I have managed to prick out seedlings and sow some seed by candle light; and doing some watering of plants has been crucial at times.
Even as I write this we are still having major gusts of winds, which can be very drying for plants in containers.
What I have managed to do, is get out for some walks, even though the weather has been mostly of wind and rain.

There is no better experience of the outdoor elements, than on these dark dull evenings, the wind howling around you and the landscape dancing and ever changing as it responds to the elements.
Of course we have to stay well wrapped up and wooly hats and warm coats are very much in order (I am a bit of a wooly hat collector and have had some great (i.e. strange ones) over the years).

Now don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy the nice warm sunny gardening days, but in their absence over the past while (year!), and particularly recently, I have been enjoying the great outdoors and what it brings.

A little while ago, a friend of mine took an amazing photo of a very angry sea as it cascades over a peer, and since then I have enjoyed going down to see the waves on stormy nights, and as you can imagine, the worse the weather, the angrier the sea and waves.


Of course I appreciate hot tea and food all the more on returning home.
Being away recently also gave me the opportunity of exploring the landscape more inland and I came across some very interesting growths of moss!

Very enjoyable.

So, here I have a couple of photos (apologies in advance for the quality of the nighttime sea shots) taken over the past week or so as I've been out and about experiencing the outdoors and all it entails.