Clever window in the garden

Over the weekend, as I was out and about walking in the heart of lovely Wicklow, I visited the National Garden Exhibition Centre, where there are 20+ gardens designed and laid out for visitors to walk around and enjoy. I have a number of photo's to share on this, which I'll include in a separate blog post. 

On this post I want to share this piece of design I came across. It was based in an oriental styled garden with some lovely plants and stone, and a path leading directly up to it.

It was an archway, with a low planting to the front and sides, with a very clear view on what you will see when you go up the designated steps to the left into the next garden. 

The archway itself had some trellis work on either side and an interesting inset with what looked like oriental markings and drawings to pick up on the theme of the stonework gravel and planting. 

Very nice.

When I saw it, I thought 'isn't this clever, a window to the next portion of the garden' - one that you have to walk around to enjoy the delights on the far side. This was just the sort of inspiration I was looking for when thinking about my garden at home.


It was only as I approached it, I realised, this is not what I thought it was. The lighting through the arch wasn't quite right considering the aspect of the sun and the fact there should have been some shadows from larger shrubs. When the person I was with popped up the steps and went through to the garden they disappeared!

And the penny dropped.

Silly me.

This was a large (I mean LARGE) mirror! 

About 7ft (over 2 metres for the metric minded folks out there) in height and width, scale wise, it was not something I had come across before. 

Of course I had seen this trick used, and even used it myself on occasion, but not on this scale.

I called the person back I was with and asked did they see the mirror and know it was a mirror when they saw it first. 

'Of course' was the response and they motored on, completely unaware of my observational skills, or lack there-of.

Just for the record, I took a second picture with my reflection in it.

I have to say, this made my trip even more worthwhile. Not the fact that it is a clever idea, and it has been executed beautifully here, but also the fact that I was so amused by it. Well done to the

Happy gardening!