Garden's looking verdant at this time of year!

Yes, 'verdant' was a word used to describe how our gardens are looking at this time of year. 

An apt word from Tina on Twitter (@littlewighthare). 

Most plants and trees have greenery on them, resulting in our landscapes and gardenscapes taking on a whole new fresh look.

It is also great to read and view about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. For those of us not lucky enough to visit, there is ample coverage to see what's hot, and what's not. 

And, it inspires us to get out and visit our own local shows and gardens!

As for my own garden, with the weather a little cooler this week, and the Spring bulbs going out of flower, we have hit that in between stage, where the Spring blaze of colour is finished and the Summer colour is only starting; so, with this in mind I set off around the garden a couple of days ago to take pictures of what is interesting for this week.

Some of these plants are outdoors, some under cover, and some half way between!

Personally, I am really enjoying the fresh foliage of the Acer's and Hosta's, they are coming along a treat!

I was trying to get a good picture of the flowers on the Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea 'Nana'; it's a 15+ year old pot specimen in full flower. Looks great (although the camera could improve!)

And the Callistemon (bottle-brush) is a new addition to the family - I acquired it at a reduced price at the end of last Summer and am delighted to see it coming into flower.

I do hope the weather warms up a pace after this cooler spell is over. There are plenty of other plants with potential, so it'll be nice to see them in colour in due course.

Enjoy these in the meantime.

Happy gardening.