Into the great wide open

It has been some May bank-holiday weekend!

The weather has been beautiful here, with an abundance of sunshine and warmth.

I had been tentatively planning to get away camping, knowing it would be ambitious given our recent weather, but determined all the same. So after a nice week of mostly sunshine and a few showers, I was disappointed on Friday evening to see it overcast and windy, with a threat of rain. 

Not to be deterred, it was onto the internet and after some searching and phoning I found a hostel in the heart of County Wicklow to suit my needs.

So it was up and at it early Saturday morning, watering plants, checking the greenhouse and leaving instructions on what to do over the next few days, depending on the weather.

Once I had that sorted it was au revoir and away-away to get lost in the hills and countryside.

Amazing, that's the only word for it.

The scenery, the natural plantscapes, what nature has provided for us.

Depending on the day, depended on where I was, and the numbers of people that were about. The more remote the place, of course the less traffic it endured and the more beautiful it was.

And, as an added (albeit a reluctant) bonus, there was very little wifi or internet access.

The photos below capture some of the beauty, and you know me, fascinated as always with the microcosm's that evolve too - the strange moss growth by the side of riverbanks, ferns growing on the trunks of trees, lichens competing for space ...

I got back yesterday, thoroughly refreshed and energised, and I'm delighted to share some of the pictures I took, although, if you get the chance, do go out and about and see what natural beauty you can find.

Btw, garden plants were mostly fine - well looked after and cared for in my absence :o)

Have a great week!