Having a break, and learning.

It's been two weeks since my self-imposed hiatus from electronic or online media, a time for reflection and contemplation, and may I add, a busy time for those in the gardening space.

So what have I learned over this period?

Well, I'm not sure how to answer this. I have missed the interaction of people, reading about what they are doing in the garden, gaining inspiration from words and pictures, and, at the same time, I've enjoyed making the most if what I've got and maximising this as much as possible.

Let me explain this a little further.

In the 25 or so years I've been interested in plants and gardens (that's right, I started when I was 2 Lol!), I have always been reading, observing, absorbing, discussing, listening and hearing what others do. This has ranged from looking at the contemporary styles (a little) and reading/ listening/ learning (a lot) from what has passed before, and then taking all this and bringing it to 'the now' for me and what I can do in my (or someone else's) garden.

With all the wonderful information provided so quickly and instantly now,I find that there can be an overload of sorts, and for me, a certain paralysis, maybe of creativity, or maybe of what/ where to go next.

So, I made a commitment to myself to stop. Just pause, and take stock of where I'm at garden wise, blogging wise, tweeting, pinging, pinterest, circles, etc, etc. and guess what - this time has allowed me a little perspective. And, to begin to appreciate the progress made my garden, in such a short space of time. And, of course, plan the next steps.

Hope you're enjoying the colour and fragrances this time of year brings.

Happy gardening