Sunshine colour this morning with Hemerocallis (Day Lily)

Waking up after a restless night, and what could cheer the heart more than seeing colour like this as you walk out the door to another busy day.

Hemerocallis 'Fairy Tale Pink', courtesy of Pollies Lilies. 

The flowers on these particular plants only last a day, hence their common name, 'day lilies'. 

While that is a distinct disadvantage for those of us that like colour, once established these guys produce so many flowers, it seems like the go on and on for quite some time! 

When planting, work in plenty of good quality compost, water them in well, and enjoy!

Just to say they will disappear over the Winter, but will pop up again the following Spring. Do have a look for some in your local garden centre.

A reliable plant guaranteed to brighten up any border.


Have a great day.