Autumn & beautiful leaf colour

Before I start, I have to frame how I came across the colours Autumn can bring. As all of us grow up, we remember maybe kicking leaves after they've fallen, or pressing leaves in big books to preserve them, etc. and this is normally a first awareness.

For me though, my first real experience was working in the garden centre, setting up displays of plants as leaves turn, to show that plants have more colour, than what their flowers provide.

Good experience, and nice to do. Hadn't really bought into the Autumn colour fully though.

And then comes an appreciation of the colours our native trees provide. Beautiful.

Then came my first trip to the U.S. Actually this was a mainly shopping trip to New York with a bit of sight seeing. At the time we decided to make it extra special and visit Niagara Falls too. It was mid October and 'Fall' was happening.

We flew from JFK to Toronto, passing over New York State. Now this was a sight to behold. Miles and miles of the richest reds and burning yellows.

Absolutely amazing.

An awakening. Understanding what Autumn colour is really about.

Add to this a more recent visit to New England for a week. We hired a car and drove all around the area (think we travelled almost 800 miles in total). The richness and textures of the fall colours was breath taking.

Since then, this has evolved to be my favourite time of year.

So, back to my little patch. I think this picture sums up Autumn leaf colour on a miniature stage. There is the changing Acer 'Orange Dream', rustic red foliage of blueberry, yellow foliage of Hosta's, strap foliage of Agapanthus, and the lovely Fuchsia 'Professor Henkel' providing late flower colour. Autumn.

As you probably know, if your a regular reader of this blog, I do like to grow plants in pots. Call it my garden centre background, but do I like the flexibility of moving pots around and creating different pictures and vistas. Eventually of course, herbaceous plants do have to be split or shrubs planted out, and bedding discarded until the following year.

As I mentioned before, following some good advice from twitter friends, I'm keeping the Summer flowers going as long as possible, rather than take them out and replace with Autumn flowers. And this weather is really helping to keep a good flowering stretch going, adding to the variety of colour about.

As the Autumn progresses, I'm going to add in more photos of various pictures of Autumn colour I come across.

Do enjoy your Autumn garden.