Broccoli - update (end of September)

Now you may remember I planted these a week ago, and I thought I might give a quick update on how they're doing.

Firstly, weather wise, after they were planted, it was windy for a day or two, and I have to say, our site is no place for fresh young plants. That being said, we had a lovely warm spell over the weekend and in recent days, which I think has really benefitted the plants.

Every day they seem to have produced some new leaves. Great.

I will put up some windbreak over the next few days in preparation for further winds, and I want to minimise the risk of damage to the roots by wind-rock.

And, you can see from the pictures, there has been foliage damage. Mostly the initial damage was from caterpillars, and the preventative measure here was to pick them off and rub out the eggs. Since they were planted, I haven't seen any sign of them.

As for slugs, well there's a different story.

I have been out a couple of times over the past week picking off a couple of our friends, and I've put down some organic slug pellets. Most plants, 8 out of 10 are doing great. One in particular is not doing too well, leaves are being munched away, so guess where my beer slug trap is going!

Of course, leaf damage will not be as important when the plants are large, it's particularly at this stage we have to be careful.

Did you plant any broccoli, Winter cabbage or similar?

Okay, let's see how we go over the next weeks.

Happy gardening.