Easy Onions - harvest time

Well, the onions are ready.
After popping the sets into the ground in the Spring, a little bit of weeding over Summer, pulling them up last month and letting them dry out a little, they are now ready.

I should probably be labeling blog posts like this as 'easy onions', in fact when I'm finished, I'll change the blog title.

About the end of April (maybe early May), I took a small patch of side lawn about 6ft x 6ft, cut the grass as low as I could, covered the area with newspaper, and then spread compost over it (about 2 inches deep). This took an hour or two at most.

After leaving it for a couple of days to let the rain dampen the area, I planted some onion sets. This simply means taking each set (for all the world like a miniature onion) and planting it with the pointy part upwards. Each set was given 4-5 inches of space. Again, this only took about 30-40 minutes.

Wait 3-4 months, they fall over in mid-August letting you know they need to be lifted and let dry for a week or two, and now I have a fine crop waiting to be plaited and hung for use over Winter.

Onion growing the easy peasy way.

Everyone should try it - sets will soon be available in your local garden centre.

Happy gardening.