No dig method - broccoli

They've been sitting outside waiting to be planted for two weeks now. Yup, slightly negligent of me, but glad to get around to it now.

The space I'm using is where the onions were recently lifted. I suppose the soil could be left to rest, but as we are using the 'no dig' method, I'm quite happy to just clear the plot, put down some fresh compost and plant the plants. Puddle them in, and add some slug deterrent. Done.


At the start of the year, this was a grassed area. I simply mowed the grass tight, lay down 2-3 layers of newspaper and covered with compost. Simply and worked very well with the onions.

Now those that read my blog, will know that the soil is not the best, so this technique is working well so far. I did add some fish, blood and bone-meal to the existing compost for a longer slower feed for the plants.

We'll see how the plants get on - if I can keep the caterpillars, aphids and slugs away long enough for the plants to get growing!

And, you can see by the pictures, just how well the space looks cleaned up, and, there is some space beside the broccoli to plant some garlic in mid-Winter and more onions in the early Spring.

Happy gardening.