September Smiles

It really is a lovely finish to September. With that little bit of extra heat, we see a resurgence of colour on shrubs and flowers. Plants are smiling.

And people are too. It will be a long enough Winter, so every mild day we get is great.

I've included some pictures from the garden of some nice colour and interest.

From the pink Cyclamen and Nerines to the hotter Nasturiums and Begonias. 

The first picture you will see is of  Verbena, which has self seeded and is flowering very nicely. One of my twitter friends, @earthapplejane tells me this is considered a weed in Australia. Nice to have weeds this colourful!

Can you believe the Dahlia's (Bishop of Llandaff) is still in flower - in October, this will be month number five - and they'll keep going until those early frosts.

Of course a wee mention for Fuchsias. I've no pictures here - plenty already on this blog Lol - mostly still flowering away and some tasty berries too.




 If you look closely at the picture of the greenhouse, you can see my chair for sitting in on quiet days - not too many of these recently Lol!


I'll be back on over the coming days to let you know how the broccoli is doing; and other food producing plants for that matter.

In the meantime, enjoy your last day of September.