A Welcome (hedgehog) Visitor

Yes, this little visitor was found mooching outside our back door a couple of times earlier this week.

I think (s)he was attracted to lovely plant displays we have in the area, and wanted to have a close look - haha

Actually (s)he was checking out the cat bowl to see if there was any food left over.

I know the picture could be better, but I quietly got the photograph with my iPhone and left him/ her to it, as I welcome hedgehogs to the garden and don't want to frighten it away.

In actual fact, the people that lived here previous to us had said their was hedgehogs about, but this is the first time in the two years we have been here that we've seen one. (S)he has been named 'Jasper' by the ensemble :o)

Earlier this year I took a conscious gardening decision to let things grow a little more naturally around the fringes of the garden (a) so I could focus my energies and time in a more concentrated area & (b) to allow native plants and animals (or 'flora & fauna' as we call it) to flourish, including plants that might be useful for insect population, including bees.

Looks like this has paid off.

Of course the hedgehogs will be going into hibernation soon, so here's hoping Jasper devours a couple if dozen slugs and snails before then!

Have a great weekend & happy gardening.