Being Inspired ... Mum's & Dad's Garden

'Post up some of those photos' ...

Yup, this was said to me the other day as I wandered around Mum's garden. 

You see I was happily snapping the Plyracantha in berry, saying I was going to use it on my blog posts ... and recently she has become quite the web surfer, and a regular reader of this, and other blogs ... so giving credit for great gardening where it's due.

There is a great selection of plants to snap. In fact, there are times of controversy where the ownership of some plants could be contested by yours truly ... with the response being ownership nine tenth's of the law ...Lol. 

And it is a pity, with my recent clean out of my iPhone photos, a lot of these snaps of great looking plants aren't available to post (how to access iCloud ...)

Still, there's always next year to take some more!

So instead I've included a couple I still have from through the year.

It's fair to say they are both great gardeners, although Dad tends to focus on the hard landscape, glasshouse area and the heavier duty tasks, while Mum spends her time looking after the grass, shrubs and flowers.

And, the old man is a pretty handy metal worker. Not only did he make my rose oblisque and frames for window boxes, but he has crafted a lot more. The gate above is a wonderful example of his skill.

As I mentioned, through the gardening year there is sooo much more of interest, and as the seasons change, I will capture these and update on my blog, or even better still, I'll see if she is interested in writing on her own blog!

In the meantime, happy gardening.