My end of October garden

It's nice to take stock of the garden at this time if year. Most of the Summer annuals and herbaceous borders are in the process of dying away, many shrubs and trees are losing or have lost their leaves and the garden is taking on its Winter appearance.

And for me, the focus changes to next year, and the work to be done over coming months. But first, a glimpse at how things are today.

First stop is the vegetable or edible area of the garden.

It looks quite good actually, not a surprise seeing as I was out there the other day doing a bit if cleaning and tidying.the windbreak is finally up the way I want it, so the broccoli is sheltered a little and this will also bring great benefits in the Spring to. Some strawberries are covered (yes that is an old shower door!) as there are some plants in flower - let's wait and see .... There is still some more clearing needed here, including a tidy up and emptying out of the glasshouse.

Yes, the tomatoe plants have run riot over the past month or so, but that's okay - a good half day and all will be right for Winter. The glasshouse will need a good washing down too, as red spider mite appeared, so no plants in it until Spring.

The herbaceous border you are already familiar with.

It has provided heaps if colour all Spring, Summer and well into Autumn. Needs a good tidy up now too, but I always delay this process until early Spring as I like how the frost settles on the skeletal remains during Winter - always a nice picture.

In the small area out the back, a little more grass cutting needed, and some edging. 

Greenhouse needs some more shelving put in and the rest of the tender plants housed within. This is more of a priority than other tasks.

Finally, the couple of areas with containers will be reviewed and I'll give the main area outside the back door a proper makeover, and the other areas left neat and tidy.

For lesser maintenance, areas of shrubs require less work, and this bed is no different. It is a mainstay area of the garden, requiring just a bit of trimming here and there. 

Some done, plenty plenty to do ... !!

Happy gardening.