Pepper Produce

These are peppers harvested from the glasshouse last week. Yes, it has to be said, I was pretty chuffed to produce some red ones! 

You see, I find peppers hard to grow, as do a lot of people, do to produce some large red ones was something I didn't think I'd be able to do even two years ago, yet here we are! 

All in all, about 8 peppers were produced in total, twice last years output, so maybe next year, we might double it again! Oh go on, be ambitious ... Lol

As for the expertese needed to grow them, well I had a link to another blog, one very well written, that I wanted to share with you, but unfortunately I have to locate it again ... that's what I get for letting teenagers use my phone!

For now though, if you've written about growing peppers, please put a link to your pepper posts below for others to read.

Happy gardening.