The green green (long) grass at home

Grass. And lots of it.

As you might know from reading the blog, I'm always willing to debate if having a neatly trimmed lawn is really that important in our gardens. Some weeks we might only have an hour to spare, and to spend this only cutting grass ... hmmm, I'm not so sure. 

Other Half (OH) does not agree with this, and is the driving force to ensure things are neat and proper in the lawn department, usually recruiting a teenager to do do the cutting (we have a couple lying around here if anyone wants them ... Lol) and I cover the edging.

Then disaster (for me). The main teenager in question now had a part-time job, and is no longer interested in the outdoor pursuit of green perfection.

So over the past month or so, the grass has continued to grow very well, and any time I've mentioned cutting it (or not!), clouds immediately form over head, and a deluge of rain starts!

So, we've ended up with grass that's long, above ankle height in some places, with a wide variety of fungi growing through it. Not good.

So yesterday morning I put on the gardening boots and went for it. And the rain didn't disappoint either, it brought its friend gusty winds too! 

I got soaked in the process, but I'm now happy to report the job is well under way.

Some edging still remains, grass has still to be raked and removed to compost area, and where the grass was extra long, I'll go back over it again in a couple of days time, when things are a little drier!

Note to self: prioritise the recruitment of another teenager into the grass cutting fold!

I was rewarded though for my determination to get the grass in order. A feast of cinnamon waffles, bacon, blue berries, maple syrup, and a pot of freshly ground coffee. Delicious. 

Happy gardening.